Milham Family {Marietta, GA}

And I present the Milhams! One of a select few families I've photographed who didn't have kids under the age of 5! It was a nice little break to photograph a family where I didn't have to jump around like a fool, make goofy faces, tell lame jokes (ok, ok,--I did tell a couple lame jokes, but only a couple), or use candy as bribery.  Although, I'm sure the kids would have loved a candy bribe anyway:) 

This family was an absolute breeze to photograph, and I just love how happy they look!  And they really were so happy--the dad was cracking jokes galore (funny ones, not lame ones like mine), and they were genuinely enjoying this session--so was I!

I loved working with the Milhams! I wish all of my sessions could be like theirs!