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Freshly Picked Moccasins {Giveaway}! CLOSED


Are you as excited as I am?? I am so excited to be partnering with Freshly Picked and four other women who care as much about their craft and work as I care about mine!  

So who else is a part of this giveaway? Let me introduce them!

A Vintage Poster- Sara Harding's posters range from simple and elegant to funky and fun.  She has hundreds of poster designs that can match anywhere in your home--from your child's room to your sitting room. She is giving away 3 posters of your choice!

Remember Stella- Jenny Petersen's fingerless gloves are adorable and trendy, and they come in adult and child sizes.  I love matching with my daughter, so these are right up my alley. She is giving a mother-daughter matching set of gloves for the giveaway in the color Claret (pictured below!).

See Anne Sew- Anne Johnson is a good friend of mine and talented seamstress.  She sews adorable clothes for her children, and is offering two of the cutest little bow ties in 6-12 month size.

The Simple Little Things- Heather Malouf has every bow you could ever imagine in her shop. My faves are her sparkle bows and her faux leather bows.  Who can resist sparkles or faux leather accessories? She is giving away a white faux leather bow elastic headband in the size of your choice.

And of course, Freshly Picked who I talked about yesterday! You get to choose one soft sole moccasin in the color and size of your choice!

Below are some photos of their amazing work:

How to enter?

Click the black buttons below of each shop to like or follow! Then head to my facebook post, comment DONE, and tag your friends in the comments for extra entries! Easy peasy! 


Giveaway ends December 14th at midnight! Must be a US citizen to participate, be 18 years or older, and not have won a Freshly Picked giveaway in the last 60 days.  Best of luck everyone!

Baby B {Charlotte, NC}

This little boy gives me all the heart eyes. This is my newest, sweetest little nephew!  Oh, how lucky this sweet boy is to have the amazing parents he does--and of course me as his amazing aunt ;) .  He is already so, so loved!

Also, hands off to newborn photographers! This little boy was so sleepy and easy to pose (with only one squirting poo episode,  I might add!), and I still was sweating up a storm after about an hour and half to get him into only about 3 poses! Phew!  But I love how these photos came out.  Isn't he the sweetest little boy?!?!

Nadeau Family {Lenoir, NC}

I attend church with this family, and they are such strong, wonderful people!  I remember when we first moved into the area, I would bring my then 14 month old daughter with me to church activities on Wednesday evenings and she and Rachel's oldest son would play together.  Now they are both in preschool! I can't believe it has been three years since I have moved into this area! There have been some great moments and some not so great moments since living here, but I will always be grateful for the wonderful people I've gotten to know from my church.  The Nadeaus are absolutely no exception! 

And aren't they beautiful?

Johnson Family {Marietta, GA}

Anne and I go way back to our BYU days--we lived on the same floor our freshman year, became good friends with 4 other girls, and have never looked back!  We are, in fact, planning our 11 year reunion for next fall.  It would have been this year, but someone had a baby...*ahem*. Just kidding, Anne! I'll have a reunion whenever I can with these girls! We have so many great memories together.  We became adults together, watched each other find love, get married, have babies.  And now Anne lives only an hour from my sister lives in Georgia, which means I get to visit her every time I take a trip down! 

We were fated to be forever friends, and I wouldn't choose anyone else to fit the bill!  Love you, Anne! And your beautiful family!

Milham Family {Marietta, GA}

And I present the Milhams! One of a select few families I've photographed who didn't have kids under the age of 5! It was a nice little break to photograph a family where I didn't have to jump around like a fool, make goofy faces, tell lame jokes (ok, ok,--I did tell a couple lame jokes, but only a couple), or use candy as bribery.  Although, I'm sure the kids would have loved a candy bribe anyway:) 

This family was an absolute breeze to photograph, and I just love how happy they look!  And they really were so happy--the dad was cracking jokes galore (funny ones, not lame ones like mine), and they were genuinely enjoying this session--so was I!

I loved working with the Milhams! I wish all of my sessions could be like theirs!