Freshly Picked Review

Freshly Picked Moccasins (Review)

If you've never heard of Freshly Picked, then I'm so glad you're here! Let me introduce you to an insanely comfortable, durable, and fashionable little shoe made specially for your little one's foot. The soft soles are perfect for all ages, but especially for toddlers as they are learning to walk. My son had his first pair when he was about 6 months old, and man I loved those shoes! They didn't trip him up, they stayed on his super chubby feet, and they were cute (I got compliments on them aaalll of the time everywhere I went).  AND they fit him until he was about 14 months old (!!!!).  That right there is my absolute favorite thing about these shoes.  They stretch! I got my daughter a size 8 moccasin about a year and half ago and today they still fit her almost size 11 foot because, aside from the elastic opening, they have slowly stretched with her feet.  I don't know a single shoe out there that can claim to grow with your child.  Hers have started getting holes in the toes, but let me tell you.  You can't beat having a good pair of shoes for a kid for a year a half!

Hands down, these shoes are the best toddler shoe out there.  They are easy to clean, they don't get stinky when they are wet and worn without socks (and let me tell you, non-leather moccasins DO get super stinky when they get wet, whether they are worn with socks or not, which I sadly know from experience.  Peeyoo!)  The only downfall?  The price.  They are expensive, so sometimes it feels like you just want to protect them and save them for only special occasions, but honestly?  They are worth every penny. I believe in investing in quality products, and this right here is a quality product worth paying for.

AND GUESS WHAT?? I get to give a pair of these bad boys away!  TO YOU! Be sure to check in tomorrow to participate in my giveaway!  I am partnering with several other awesome small business women as well to sweeten up the deal!   You definitely don't want to miss out! So be sure to check here tomorrow to get the full scoop!!