Marietta Georgia

Johnson Family {Marietta, GA}

Anne and I go way back to our BYU days--we lived on the same floor our freshman year, became good friends with 4 other girls, and have never looked back!  We are, in fact, planning our 11 year reunion for next fall.  It would have been this year, but someone had a baby...*ahem*. Just kidding, Anne! I'll have a reunion whenever I can with these girls! We have so many great memories together.  We became adults together, watched each other find love, get married, have babies.  And now Anne lives only an hour from my sister lives in Georgia, which means I get to visit her every time I take a trip down! 

We were fated to be forever friends, and I wouldn't choose anyone else to fit the bill!  Love you, Anne! And your beautiful family!

Milham Family {Marietta, GA}

And I present the Milhams! One of a select few families I've photographed who didn't have kids under the age of 5! It was a nice little break to photograph a family where I didn't have to jump around like a fool, make goofy faces, tell lame jokes (ok, ok,--I did tell a couple lame jokes, but only a couple), or use candy as bribery.  Although, I'm sure the kids would have loved a candy bribe anyway:) 

This family was an absolute breeze to photograph, and I just love how happy they look!  And they really were so happy--the dad was cracking jokes galore (funny ones, not lame ones like mine), and they were genuinely enjoying this session--so was I!

I loved working with the Milhams! I wish all of my sessions could be like theirs!