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One year later...

Wow, it's almost been an entire year since I've blogged! Yikes! A whole lot has happened in the last year. First, my family and I moved to Puerto Rico! And second, we added another sweet baby to our home!

It's all been very fun and exciting.  And while living in Puerto Rico sounds exciting and exotic, it hasn't been quite as tropical and romantic as we imagined. We live in a very typical Puerto Rican cement home in the middle of the city of San Juan. We don't have AC in the main part of our home, and in the land of eternal summer, that can get pretty miserable. We do, however, get to visit gorgeous beaches frequently, and are currently loving our cooler winter weather (think low to mid 80's and relatively low humidity--so not cool, but cool for Puerto Rico!). I honestly have been absolutely loving my time here in Puerto Rico.  Despite the profuse sweating and over abundance of bugs, I have been loving our little family adventure.  And of course, we adore our sweet baby girl, Ophelia. She has been such a treasure for our family.  She is currently 3.5 months old and has been a little angel all 3.5 of those months.  She sleeps like a champ, nurses great, is so chunky, and has started laughing a ton.  All of us are completely smitten by her!

I have so many photos to catch up on, but for now I'm going to advertise for Valentine's Day Mini Sessions.  We live close to Old San Juan, which is one of my favorite parts of this island.  The colorful buildings and cobblestone streets light my creative brain on fire! It's so fun and bright and I could just explore it all day long!  So this Saturday, what better place to take Valentine's Day Minis than against one of their pink or red walls? 

Here is all of the info you'll need:

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Where: Old San Juan (precise location will be sent via pin drop!)
When: 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30
Who: this is for couples OR children--that's right, if you want photos with you and your sweetheart, now is the time! This is the first time I've opened minis for couples, so take advantage!
Cost:$75, 7 images of your choice with the rest available for purchase on an online gallery

That's it! I have very limited sessions and have one already taken! So only 3 slots left.  Grab it up quick!